Is Quantum Entanglement Really a Standing Wave?

Figure 1: Don’t take yer Ginseng and coffee at the same time and then use Gimp.

Could a spring mass system of aether fabric explain the phenomenon of “quantum” entanglement? In other words, could quantum entanglement really be explained as the standing waves on the ends of each non-local connection, where light is coursing thru a sort of transmission line in the aether, that being of the spring masses?  The “spring mass system” described on the “Fractal Woman’s” YouTube page implies a constant that is root for the speed of light (constant). So …

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A Novel way to Scan the Skies for ET?

All over the world, radio telescopes scan the skies for hints of artificial intelligence.  SETI program installations scour the electromagnetic spectrum for tell-tale non-natural sequences of radiation. Carl Sagan was a co-founder of SETI, and it has an ambitious but so far unsuccessful progromme.  But … there may be some new ideas they can try at the institute. If quantum entanglement really acts as spookily as Einstein said it does, we perhaps should be pointing a different kind of “radio telescope” at the skies:  A quantum mechanics style of “telescope”.

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Freezing Armies with Hypnotism

I’ve seen the hypnotist, up on stage, doing his bit with the person he’s hypnotized. One session in particular sticks in my memory. The hypnotist, after he had completed his induction phase, instructed the hypnotized individual: “When I say ‘freeze’ – then you will make yourself completely still, no matter what position you happen to be in, just as if you were in suspended animation.”

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Aliens: The Lazy Way to Visit Earth

Figure 1:  Alien Landscape?

OK, so the title was a little tongue-in-cheek. But – who is to say those aliens have it any easier than we do, when it comes to interstellar flight (assuming that there are in fact any aliens out there)? Humans currently have no way to achieve lightspeed in rockets, and it doesn’t appear that the earth’s civilization will have that capability in the foreseeable future. Without lightspeed flight, travelling any sort of cosmic distance is infeasible. However; the lazy alien could still explore the earth in fine detail, without ever stepping foot on this round mound of terra firma. At least that’s my opinion.

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A Quantum Dot Camera: Your EYES!

I mentioned in my post from a couple weeks ago that I’d formulated a way that – possibly – quantum dots could be used in cameras. However; my idea was not for a conventional camera, but instead a seriously unconventional one. The quantum dot camera I’m writing about IS literally your eyes! It is known that quantum dots emit entangled photons.  And, IIRC (from my readings) – it is also known that these photons are entangled with various existing quantum elements within the dots themselves. It is additionally known that the photons emitted from the quantum dots can entangle other things (like photons, electrons, etc).

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Quantum Net Surveillance: The AIR-GAP of air-gap comms

I passed a vulture on my daily walk today. I usually have the best ideas for my science fiction books when I’m on my walk. Today was no different. The vulture flew up as I approached, and I looked at the skeleton he’d left behind. It was picked clean as a whistle. Vultures waste nothing. The earth’s better off with them. They’re Kinda ugly though.

So I’ve picked the bones of quantum science postulations pretty cleanly …


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The Cryptochromes versus the Phytochromes

The cryptochromes are slightly non-linear crystalline arrangements of protein which (it is thought) – can act to handle quantum signaling duties via interaction with blue and ultra-violet light.  The body contains quite a lot of this material – especially the eyes.  The exact arrangement of the cryptochrome crystalline structure is still unknown to science, because it requires the building of a model of that which exists at the atomic scale.  Attempts to model CRY structures  (there are several types) involve using many experiments and subsequent statistical calculations …

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New twist on Clairvoyance: Quantum Dots

On my “Solar Clairvoyance” pages, I described a way that clairvoyance might happen:

A new technology has shown potential for a type of “artificial” solar clairvoyance. It has been discovered that quantum dot generated photons can entangle sunlight. This may make a clairvoyance effect much easier to artificially orchestrate – because the small number of photons from the artificial source (the quantum dot) – is much easier to manage, making it unnecessary to sort through trillions of natural solar photons. These devices could make for a futuristic weapon that might be called a “clairvoyance gun” –

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Mind Control from Outer Space

Figure 1:  Aliens, little green monsters, and yes yes – mind control from satellites! 

I remember a day back in the seventies.  I was walking along the sidewalk when a man whizzed by me, running and pointing to the sky.  He slowed just enough to allow me to register what he (perhaps) was not registering – as he in all seriousness exclaimed, “They’re mind controlling everyone! It’s the satellites!”   He ran on, telling the same thing to every person he met.  His arms flailed around as he ran.  He was on a mission.

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Conscience = Consciousness

Is it just a quirk of the English language, or is one word intrinsically related to the other? My supposition is that the conscience of a person IS the consciousness. It is the gateway for action, the interpreter, the judge of moral actions and of actions that are amoral.  In my view of things, we have the consciousness (free will) and the subconsciousness (everything else that goes on in the brain).  Most subconscious activity is in support of the consciousness, so long as the consciousness has not been suppressed in some way.

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Quantum Trackers

They’re almost certainly coming, and it doesn’t take a science fiction novelist to know this. So, “What is a Quantum Tracker?” – you ask. It’s the most incredibly impossible-to-avoid tracking mechanism ever devised by human kind. While it may not be here yet, it’s almost certainly going to work its way into my next novel. By the time I write it, the concept may be old news. Here’s the scoop:

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Cascaded Quantum Signaling in the Brain

Until recently, medical field researchers have had very crude means by which to look at the brain’s processing.  With head probes, they measured voltages at various points, to determine which parts of the brain indicated the presence of firing neurons.  It takes around 50,000 neurons to make the voltage increase to the point where it can be measured.  Therefore, medicine could not divine much about the purpose of individual neurons in the large clumps of neurons that were found to fire under various circumstances.

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Remote Vision thru Another Person’s Eyes

Figure 1: A macro shot of a bee’s eyes reflecting the sun, sky and treeline.

I remember watching a TV show a long time ago, and I think it may have been an episode of the Dark Shadows series.  If the fact that I watched some of those old shows dates me as goods near their expiration, the fact that I’m not really sure which program series I was watching should seal the deal.  Anyway, in the episode I watched, the usual Dark Characters were doing something unusually dark.   They were watching thru the eyes of their intended prey, in a foggy surrealistic rendition of what I mentioned in the title of this blog post.

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Crumpled Space: Explanation for non-local communication?

I just finished watching a video on the “action at a distance” paradox.  It was very interesting.  While I’ve written about that facet of quantum mechanics (also known as “spooky action at a distance” and “non-local” communication) – I have heretofore not read any explanations for it that passed muster.  This video is the first that seems plausible (to me) as an explanation.  Here is the …

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The Mustachioed one with the Funky Lab Coat

Figure 1:  I don’t know what this is I’ve doodled, but I didn’t want a headless post.

Seemingly, the mad scientist would need to own all of the smart phone manufacturers, or have some way to hook into the parts streams such manufacturers use to populate the boards inside those devices, in order to implement the idea of the “echo” in the novel Beelzebub’s Bargain.  

It also seems that the mustachioed one with the gaudy lab coat would need to target only one small part inside of the smart phone assembly …

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Immunity from Hypnosis

Have you ever gone into a bar as the designated driver?  You sit at the bar, drinking Coca-Colas, while telling everyone that they’re really rum ‘n cokes.  Everyone gets pretty plastered as you sit there, and they all make fools of themselves. In the morning, none of them can remember enough of what went on to be embarassed. You tell them, but they don’t believe it.  Interestingly, that’s exactly the way hypnosis works.  For me sometimes, it seems like Deja’vu.


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The Twisted Light Quantum Grid

Figure 1: Illustration of hypothethical “perpetual” twisted light laser beams

The mad scientists in Beelzebub’s Bargain (the potential sequel) have a quandary.  They’ve discovered the magic of hypnosis for population mind control – and its nearly guaranteed result of world domination.  But, thus far they’ve been limited to a crude means by which to hypnotize the millions of unsuspecting citizens: microwaves.  They know that for planetary king status they need to do it with quantum.

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Consciousness Suppression creates a Zombie

We have all heard of the Zombie Apocalypse.  People are generally vague on what exactly that means.  From my perspective, it takes only one mad scientist to set off this potential nightmare, and to plunge us all into a scene from a bad late 1950s sci-fi movie..  I have my own opinion on how it could work.  Our hypothetical mad scientist from chapter four was hell bent on world domination.  He’d determined that the best way to take over the world was to use hypnosis.

Consciousness suppression is equivalent to hypnosis.  So …

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Traces in the Ether

So, there are a lot of quantum-bashers out there.  They call Einstein stupid and Bohr a bore, while pointing to “obvious” replacement theories of their own design.  Well, I might agree that replacement theory is needed, but Einstein was no slouch in his intellectual capacity, and Bohr was the opposite of boring.  But carry on …

So, there are “problems” with Quantum theory.  One of the problems is explaining how non local communication works (this refers to Einstein’s “action at a distance” comment, which he termed “spooky”).   An alternate theory which brings back the “ether” of the days of yore may …

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Did Elon ask for the Orange?

The Orange lens that Elon’s girlfriend is using really intrigues me.  Grimes made some statements about the lens that really sparked my interest.  Readers of this blog know I am very solidly into quantum realm science quirks, and the potential uses of those idiosyncracies for nefarious purposes.  Now, let me underscore the point that I don’t think the couple in question is engaged in any such nefarious activity – quite the opposite in fact.

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Poison Lasers: the next Genocide?

Figure 1: Poison Lasers: the next Genocide?

OK, at some point you have to call a wolf a wolf (if you’re of the thinking that seeing is believing).  Apparently, I’ve stepped on somebody’s toes with my story about twisted light lasers. A couple days after I published the twisted light laser story, something very strange began to happen. Allow me to elaborate.

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Beelzebub’s Sequel: Endgame Singularity = Armageddon?

In my novel Beelzebub’s Bargain, I never really figured out how it would end.  I knew I would show the Quantum of what eventually would become Koloniya Seven to be an evil that would take control over the masses with a sheer amplitude never before applied and never before witnessed on the face of the Earth.   i knew some of the constructs I would use to describe that scenario, and I knew most of the characters I would use, and how they would fight the battle against the mind control of the quantum empire.  I knew their relationships with each other.  But, I never really calculated the end game.

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Beelzebub’s Bargain: Purge of the Old Ones

When I wrote the first sequel candidate for Beelzebub’s Bargain, I painted a picture of Koloniya Seven as a place of horror and senseless killing.  It was as Nazi Germany was, but with fewer guns and more quantum power. In some ways, the new quantum weapons inject the novel with more horror, and render the macabre scenes more intensely than any traditional mechanical weapons of the past, or of any of mankind’s forgotten wars.  In one scene in the sequel candidate (note I haven’t decided for sure whether there will even be a sequel!) – a Nazi style horror unfolds. Here are a few paragraphs from that scene in the candidate text:

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Beelzebub’s Sequel: the Plan

The characters from the original Beelzebub’s Bargain (Barry and Cindi) may have had an inkling about what the cell phones might be doing to the people, but Beelzebub the Sequel would propel them far beyond the nascent idea of mind manipulation that the original novel suggested.  There is an article on this blog entitled Beelzebub’s Bargain: the Quantum,  That article refers to an initial attempt at a sequel that went down the wrong path and that I subsequently shelved.  The newer ideas I’m having will triple the mind control elements of the novel.

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The Bridge: A Quantum Dot Cell Phone

I spent a lot of time fussing with the idea of the cell phone “echo” while writing my novel, Beelzebub’s Bargain.  Later, I wanted to change the basis of the echo to make it more obviously a quantum mechanics phenomenon rather than just the brute force of a modulated cell phone signal that heats brain tissue.  The cell phone didn’t fit the quantum mold properly, for a number of reasons.  First, there was the signal from the tower: so far as I know it’s not entangled in any usable way – so my thinking had to follow the idea that there’s no plausible quantum connection for a cell phone via the tower.

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Conquer Nations by Controlling Subconsciousness

What if you could hypnotise a nation? Remember, I wrote about hypnosis and how it is mind control. I wrote about the fact that all mind control is really hypnosis, and I wrote about hypnosis as being nothing more than control of the subconsciousness of a person.  In each person there are two persons – as the conscious and subconscious parts of us are mostly isolated from each other.  This compartmentalization is strong enough to consider that we each are really two. In each person, the consciousness is normally in control, and is what we think of as our “self” – it is the “Me” – the “I” of our sentience.

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Microwave Celibacy

Everything we think we know reflects from the Quantum Realm. The familiar levels of the Quantum Realm themselves are reflected from the sub-Quantum Realm, and so on and so forth. I know the last sentence seems a bit illogical. Actually, it’s an oxymoron. But – the general idea is that what we see at the highest levels of physics and chemistry is mostly an impression or echo or sublimation – of the real stuff of its existence. Electric fields, by the time we measure them, are far removed from their sources.

Mood altering effects have been shown to be produced by low frequency alpha/beta waves as they are measured in the brain.

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Twisted Light, Hollow Core Lasers

Figure 1: Twisted laser discharging a payload upon impact with solid surface

Scientists have developed a twisted light, hollow core laser that can pump particulates and gases at high velocities over many miles. The lasers are so-called filament point lasers, and have a beam-width of only 20 microns.  Hence, they are invisible to the naked eye.

The twisting action of the laser is caused by an angular optical shock wave, which modifies the reflection characteristics of the beam.


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Reverse Cell Phone Hypnosis

Figure 1:  GHz detector registers full scale reading from WiFi in homemade tablet

So, the go-to idea for some science fiction authors is the idea of cell phone remote control, hypnosis, mind control, or similar memes – such that several recent books and a movie are targeted to the idea.  Readers of this blog know I’ve pretty much dedicated it to the idea of population hypnosis.  Perhaps readers wonder why I havent broached the cell phone based hypnosis sci-fi idea on this blog.

Well, I considered the idea in my own “sci-fi” book, Beelzebub’s Bargain.

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The Quantum Brain

Figure 1: Neurons containing microtubules containing ring resonators

It’s thought by some that the brain is a quantum computer, of sorts.  If that is true,  then the quantum brain certainly uses quantum communication on a grand scale.  Quantum communication and quantum processing capabilities of the brain might enable the intelligence of all animals who inhabit planet Earth.  Scientists were never able to equate neuro – chemical – electrical phenomenon in the brain with intelligence.  The processes were a) too few,  and b) too slow. The classical explanations don’t adequately cover the observed intelligence of cockroaches. So, what does explain higher intelligence?

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Hypnosis: Upconversion via Fluorides to Cryptochrome

On some other pages, we talked about quantum powered hypnosis. It’s all well and good to pontificate about such things, but how exactly could it work? What mechanisms might be put into play to facilitate a mad scientist’s result such as this?

The human body’s “light capture” protein is called cryptochrome. It’s thought to be the guiding light (pun intended) for migrating birds and travelling coyotes alike.

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Solar Clairvoyance

Figure 1: Zillions and zillions of entangled photon planes from the sun

This author has been interested in clairvoyance for a long time.  It all stems from one episode, many years ago, that involved a close relative.  I lived, at that point in my life, in a small town in northwest Ohio, which was situated about 25 miles from my parent’s home.  One day, I was standing in one of my daughter’s bedrooms …

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Is Non-Local Quantum Communication Possible?

I’ve been studying the feasibility of quantum communications, using so-called non-local quantum effects for the signalling.  The primary ingredient necessary for the communication is the entangled photon. In addition to sourcing the photons, it’s also necessary to subscribe to a less well-known interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Entangled photons can be used for communication.

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The Mysterious Brain – and Quantum Computer

It’s known now that the brain is a quantum computer, of sorts.  It certainly uses quantum communication on a grand scale.  The quantum communication and quantum processing capabilities of the brain enable the intelligence of all animals who inhabit planet Earth.

Scientists were never able to equate neuro – chemical – electrical phenomenon in the brain with intelligence.  The processes were a) too few,  and b) too slow.  So, what does explain intelligence?


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The Photon and the Dancing Mania

As you may have read on another of my posts, photons are everything.  Really: they are everything.  Now there is evidence that one of the world’s oldest unsolved mysteries – the dancing mania of the 1500s – was caused by photons.

In the 1500s, the European continent was sometimes subsumed by dancing mania.  This was not your ordinary voluntary socially sanctioned means by which to advertise your wares to the opposite sex.  No, this was involuntary – convulsive – dancing – that went on until dozens of participants had dropped dead.   Some of them died after six or seven days of continuously ongoing, manic dancing.

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The Coyote’s Quantum Compass

The coyote could navigate with uncanny ease.  North, South, East, or West – the animal could find his way easily, picking his path better than a man with a map.  For eons, the masters of the animal universe could only ponder the means by which the coyote traveled.  Or, for that matter – the birds of the sky or the fish of the sea.  They all had the ability to move without effort, in the navigation of their life paths, never missing an exit ramp, never with the slightest bit of inaccuracy.  All that man could do about this, was ponder …


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Beelzebub’s Bargain: The Quantum

Coffee.  It was the coffee that was always the same, perhaps with the exception of those subtle  aromatic imaginings, induced into all those who partook of it.  It was the cohesive thing that they always could count on.  The line drawn from one part of their lives to the next, could be connected with coffee.

Her hair had spots of white by now, but the island sun may have been part of the blame for that.  Like the coffee, she was mostly unchanged by the swirl of events they had witnessed together, and which remained the consumer of most of their thoughts.  Today’s event stood high, and was of much importance to the sun bleached pair.  Barry and Cindi slid their empty mugs together on the  counter-top,  pushed off of their stools, and slipped out onto the gravel side street next to the Island Cafe.

It was a short walk to the wharf.  Every destination on the island was a short trip, given the size of the little anomalous dot of terra firma they had called home since Costa Rica.

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